Saturday, July 28, 2012


I did this activity during the last summer olympic games & it was a hit to say the least. The great thing about this activity is that you can stretch it out over multiple weeks!

I chose who got to come up by passing a torch around the room while the pianist played (hot potato style).  I fashioned my torch out of a flashlight & colored cellophane.  This was fun because you could actually turn it on & it looked like flames.  Another idea is to make one out of a toilet paper roll & tissue or construction paper.  See here.

The following activities served as our "games":
Basketball - I brought my Little Tikes basketball hoop.  Have the child try to make a basket.  If they make it, they get to choose the song.  If not, you choose it.
Long Jump - Place three papers spaced evenly in a row on the floor that read "Chorister's Pick", "Teacher's Pick", "Your Pick".  Have them see how far they can jump.  Whatever paper they land on or closest to determines the song.
Swimming - Have the child come up & lead the group in "Do as I am Doing" swimming (swimmer's arms).  This would also work for running, rowing, Equestrian, Taekwando etc.
Archery - Walmart & Harmon's both sell inexpensive bow & arrow sets.  Make a target & place it on the bulletin board.  Have them try their skills...if they hit the target, they pick the song.  If not, you pick the song.  You could also make a target that has different ways to sing the song. Whichever one they hit is how you sing.  For example: hum, stop/go, fast/slow, quiet/loud.  I have visuals I've made that say each of these...the child gets to raise & lower them while everyone else follows.  This would also work for shooting using a Nerf gun.
Volleyball - Have the children pass a beach ball around the room while singing.  A balloon would also work.
Diving - Have the child stand on a chair & try to drop a polly pocket into a mason jar or other container with a smaller opening.  Another idea is to use a clothes pin. See here.
Gymnastics - Sing "Hinges".  Gymnasts definitely have to have hinges!!!
Javelin - Have the child throw a swim noodle.  Again, you can place distances on the floor using tape or papers to determine how to sing the song or which song to sing.
Karate - Have the child karate chop a plastic Easter egg or other object that breaks open easily.  Have  the name of the song to sing inside the egg.

Use your imagination with this activity...the possibilities are endless!!! Check out for more awesome ideas.

You can give each child a "gold medal" at the end.  When I did this, I used gold candy coins that I purchased from Harmon's.  Rolos are another option.

Have fun!