Monday, August 27, 2012


It's that time of year again...College football season!  This is HUGE at our house.

This game is super simple & can be used to review any songs you'd like.  It's always a hit...especially with senior primary.  Simply print off several copies of the following image & cut into small cards:

Then write numbers on the back of the cards to represent points scored during a football game: 

1- Extra Point
2- 2 point Conversion
3- Field Goal
6- Touch Down

Place the cards in a sack to draw from (you don't want the kids to be able to see the points on the back).  Divide the children into 2 teams (I usually just do the 2 sides of the room).  Take turns having a child from the each team come up & draw a football.  Whatever card they draw is how many points their team scored.  Sing the song you want to practice following each "play".  

*It's fun to pass a small football around each side of the room while the pianist plays (hot potato) to determine who gets to come up.  

*You can also have a coin toss to see which team gets to start the game.

Have fun! GO UTES!!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

"Time" for School

Can you believe it's already time to go back to school?  Where has the summer gone?  I picked up this clock from the dollar section at Target.  I have also seen them at the dollar store, Michael's, & Utah Idaho Supply.  If you feel really ambitious, you could make your own or just use an old clock from your house.

Assign numbers 1-6 on the clock to a song you want to sing.  Numbers 7-12 tell how to sing the song.  For example: robot, cowboy, granny, boys only, girls only, etc.  You can put pictures on the numbers to represent what & how to sing.  For example: a rock for "The Wise Man & the Foolish Man", a bee for "Stand for the Right", a rainbow for "When I am Baptized", a lightbulb for "As a Child of God", a picture of the Savior for "I'm Trying to be like Jesus", a sword or boat for "Nephi's Courage", a CTR shield for "Choose the Right".  They're not necessary, but they do make it more interesting!  

Have a child come up and move the hands on the clock.  Then tell the children what "time" it is & sing the song accordingly.

Zoo Hats

Do you ever feel like you are putting on a three-ringed circus?  I know that there are weeks when I definitely feel like this. When this occurs, I stop what I am doing & pull out my zoo hats.  These hats were purchased at Michael's a few years back, but I have seen them there again recently.

I use my animal cards that I found here.  You could also just make up your own; for example, slither like a snake (sway your body) or swim like a shark (use hands to make a fin).  Use your imagination!

Simply call a child up & have them choose a card.  Put the hat on their head that corresponds to the card & follow the directions while you sing "Do As I am Doing".  SO FUN!!!  Even the older boys & girls love this...although I am sure you'll never get them to admit it!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Say What???

This game is a variation of the board game "Mad Gab" & is a fun way to review program songs.  The original idea was found here.  "Say What?" was published in the Friend Magazine originally in July 2010  & then again January & July of 2011.

The nonsense phrases from the January 2011 issue reinforce this month's theme nicely...all are ways we can fill our lives with things that invite the spirit.  Print off the sayings & glue them to the back of footprints.  Place the footprints in a bag or container that the children can draw from.  Put a picture of the Savior on the upper corner of the chalkboard.  Have a child draw a footprint & say the phrases out loud...It works best if they say each word one time slowly & then connected as fast as they can.  Have the rest of the children try to figure out what is being said.  Lastly, place the footprint(s) on the chalkboard "walking" toward the Savior.  Sing a program song that corresponds with each nonsense phrase.

Close by bearing testimony that Heavenly Father & the Savior have made it easy for us to return to live with them.  If we follow Jesus' "footsteps" & fill our lives with those things that invite the spirit, we will be greatly blessed.  Explain that if they are ever doing something that they feel ugly inside about, they should stop doing it...that is the spirit telling them it is wrong.

The children love the craziness of this activity.  I have even made up my own before to target specific songs for practice.  Have fun!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcoming Visitors & New Children

It's always fun to sing to new children &/or visitors!  Make them feel welcome by having them come to the front of the room to be introduced & sung to.

1. Flags
Have one of the new children/visitors select a flag.  Sing the "Hello Song" & replace the word "hello" with the way you say "hello" in that country.  Flags can be purchased inexpensively at Zurchers or Utah Idaho Supply.  Here are some fun ways to say "hello" from around the world:

Israel - Shalom
Great Britain - Cheerio
Italy - Ciao
France - Bonjour
Mexico - Hola
China - Ni Hao
Germany - Guten Tag
Japan - Konnichiwa
Austraila - G'day Mate
Argentina - Buen dia
Greece - Geia sou
India - Namaste
Kenya - Jambo
Netherlands - Hallo
Russia - Privet
Ireland - Dia dhuit
United States - What's up, Aloha (Hawaii), Yo

2. Sing "The Church of Jesus Christ" - Explain to the children that the church is the same no matter where we go.

3. Sing "Here We are Together" - This only works if there are multiple visitors &/or newbies.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Trying to be Like Jesus

This month's song is "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus".  The children in my ward already know this song so rather than spend the whole time teaching it, I will be incorporating it in a choosing time.

Make or print off several "footsteps".  I got mine here.   Write song titles for practice on the back of each footstep.  Next, prepare "directions" (boys only, girls only, hum, teachers only, leave out a word, children wearing black/blue etc).  I will be using visuals I found in this book.  These can also be slips of paper with directions written on them.  Place footsteps & directions in two separate containers for the children to draw from.  Sing the chosen song according to the direction selected.

Another idea is to place the directions for singing in a "singing cube" instead of drawing them from a container.  I made this awhile back and the children LOVE rolling it.  I have used it in countless different ways.

Begin this activity with a discussion of how we can try to be like the Savior & where we can find directions of how to do so.  Close by bearing your testimony of the blessings we will receive if we strive to follow Jesus' example.

You say it's your birthday???

Birthdays....what to do?  The children LOVE being in the spotlight on their birthday.  I have tried to think of a different idea each year to change it up & make the children look forward to getting sung to on their special day.



Crazy Hat & Glasses

*Glasses were purchased from Old Navy & hats from Justice.

Another great idea??? How about balloons?  See here.