Tuesday, October 8, 2013


For this activity, you will need bowling pins (I picked mine up at Target), paper ghosts, and a small ball or pumpkin. Write song titles on the back of the ghosts and tape them to the bowling pins.  Set the pins up and have a child roll the ball toward them.  If the child knocks down one pin, that's the song you sing.  If a few pins are knocked down, he or she can choose between the songs.  If a strike is bowled, the child gets to choose his or her favorite primary song.  Once a song is chosen, remove that pin.  You could also just tape the ghosts to the pins without songs written on the back.  If the child bowls a strike, he or she gets to pick the song.  If not, the chorister picks.

Halloween Ring Toss 
This idea was found on www.iheartprimarymusic.blogspot.com.  Use 6 empty 2-liter pop bottles as bowling pins (wrap them with Halloween scrapbook paper to make them cute).  Use diving rings or paper plates with the middles cut out for your rings.  Put a number on the top of each lid to represent a song to sing.  Choose a child to try throwing a ring around a bottle...each child gets 3 chances.   

Mummy Wrap
This activity is super simple and the children always love it.  You will need several rolls of toilet paper.  Select two children to come up…one to be the mummy and one to wrap the toilet paper.  Have the child wrap the other in toilet paper like a mummy while the rest of the children sing a song.

Witches Brew
This activity was seen on www.iheartprimarymusic.blogspot.com.  You will need a large pot (cauldron), straws, and clipart images to serve as “ingredients” (for example, a bat, pumpkin, ghost, spider, etc.).  Write a song to sing on the back of each one.  Choose a child to suck up an stew ingredient with the straw and put it in the pot.  Sing the corresponding song.

This idea came from www.beehivemessages.blogspot.com.  Place TRICK, TREAT, or SHARE cards in a trick-or-treat bag.  Choose a child to pick a card from the basket.  If a TRICK CARD is chosen, the child will have to do a music trick.  Possible tricks are:
1.         Line up prophet photos in order and then sing “Latter-day Prophets” as a group.
2.         Line up all of the Book of Mormon books in order and then sing “Books of the Book of Mormon” as a group.
3.         Sing “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” backwards with the motions as a group.

If a TREAT CARD is chosen, special music treats are given.  For example:
1.        Girls sing for the boys
2.        Boys sing for the girls
3.        Teachers sing to the Primary children

If a SHARE CARD is chosen, the children pick their favorite song.  They could also lead the music, play the piano (if they know how to play), sing a solo, etc.