Monday, September 17, 2012

Primary Music Jeopardy

Sorry for my absence...Disneyland was calling!!!

Primary programs are just around the corner! It's crazy how fast a year goes by.  Here is a darling idea that I observed a chorister doing in the ward I visited today.  It's perfect for program review.

This game was played in classic Jeopardy style.  Categories included: Who?, Next Line, What?, & Rhythm.  Examples of questions for each category are as follows:

As a Child of God - You!
Stand for the Right - The man who leads our church.
Wise Man & the Foolish Man - 2 people.  One was smart & one was not so bright.
Nephi's Courage - One of Lehi's sons.  He was very righteous & had lots of courage.
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus - We should all strive to follow this person's example.
When I am Baptized -  All of us when we turn 8.

Next Line
Simply provide the child with the first part of a phrase/line to the song & have them fill in the rest.  For example, "Choose the Right, there is _____   ___   ____________   ______" (peace in righteous doing).

Stand for the Right - What the prophet wants us to do.
As a Child of God - The "power" & "light" each of us has been blessed with.
Choose the Right - We all have agency & can choose what path we want to follow.
When I am Baptized - An opportunity to choose the right we are given at age 8.
Wise Man & Foolish Man - We make the wise choice by living gospel principles.
Nephi's Courage - Heavenly Father has provided the way & will always help us obey.
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus - We should fill our lives with things that invite the spirit.

Clap out the rhythm for the first line of each program song.  You could also call the category "Name that Tune" & have the pianist play the first few notes.

This game can be played in teams or as a choosing time with one child coming up & answering individually.  If playing in teams & the choosing team is unable to answer the question, the opposite team gets a chance to respond correctly.

Thanks, Sally!  Great idea.