Sunday, March 3, 2013

Jesus Christ is Our Savior - Week 2

This week's sharing time focuses specifically on the Atonement & Crucifixion.  I have done the following activity several times & it ALWAYS invites the spirit.  I am sure many of you have seen this before, but I feel that the best way to teach is often through repetition.

This activity will be spread over two weeks...the first week focuses on the Atonement & Crucifixion while the second week focuses on the Resurrection.  You will need numbered plastic eggs with the following objects placed inside them:

Egg 1 - Sacrament cup

Jesus introduces the sacrament at the Passover dinner.  This is known as the Last Supper because it was Jesus' last supper before he was crucified.  Jesus told his disciples what would happen that night & that one of them would betray Him.

Egg 2 - White cloth with drops of blood on it (use red food coloring)

Jesus led his disciples to a garden of olive trees called Gethsemane.  He asked Peter, James, & John to wait for Him nearby while He went to pray.  While Jesus prayed, He "atoned" for our sins...He bled from every pour of His body because He was suffering for the sins of all people.

Egg 3 - 3 dimes & Egg 4 - Chocolate kiss

After Jesus finished praying, Judas came with a group of men carrying clubs & swords.  The Pharisees (Jewish leaders) paid Judas 30 pieces of silver to take them to Jesus.  Judas showed them who Jesus was by kissing Him on the cheek.  The men took Jesus & led him to the high priest.  The high priest questioned Jesus.  They hit Him & spit on Him.

Egg 5 - Piece of yarn & Egg 6 - Piece of soap

The next morning, the soldiers tied Jesus' hands & took him to the governor (Pontias Pilate).  Pilate asked Jesus many questions & did not think Jesus had done anything wrong.  The Pharisees told Pilate that Jesus should die.  Pilate did not want any trouble withe the Pharisees so he told his soldiers to crucify Jesus.  He washed his hands before the multitude saying that he found no fault with Jesus & that crucifying Him was their choice.

Egg 7 - Thorns & Egg 8 - Piece of red cloth

Pilate's soldiers stripped Jesus & beat Him with whips.  They put a red robe on Him & placed a crown of thorns upon His head.  They mocked Him by saying "Hail, King of the Jews".  They spit upon Him.

Egg 9 - Nail

Jesus was taken to a hill (Calvary) near Jerusalem to be crucified.  They nailed Him to a cross.  They put nails in His feet, hands, & wrists.  Jesus prayed, asking Heavenly Father to forgive the soldiers who crucified Him because they did not understand that He was the Savior.

Egg 10 - Small rocks

About 3 hours after Jesus was nailed to the cross, the sky became very dark.  The darkness lasted about 3 hours.  Jesus' suffering was so great that it was almost more than He could stand.  He cried out, "My God, my God, why has Thou forsaken me?"  Jesus then said, "I thirst".  Someone dipped a sponge in vinegar, placed it on a stick, & put it up to Jesus' mouth.  In a loud voice, Jesus said, "It is finished.  Father into Thy hands, I commend my spirit."  Jesus bowed His head & His spirit left His body.  He had accomplished what He came to earth to do...He had completed it on His own.  The earth immediately began to shake.

Invite a child (or two children on those with two eggs) to come up & open an egg.  Discuss the objects & then sing a song of your choice.  You can focus on teaching "If the Savior Stood Beside Me" or you can practice additional songs about the Savior as well.   Close by bearing testimony of the Savior's atonement & His love for each of us.

Other songs for practice might include:
To Think about Jesus
He Sent His Son
I Lived in Heaven