Saturday, August 3, 2013


August Week 1: The scriptures teach me how to pray.

The song for this month is "A Child's Prayer".  Most of your primary children should be familiar with this may just need to review it.  The Friend magazine provides an activity that lends itself well to this week's theme.  See here.

Assign a song for practice to each person who prayed (be sure to have "A Child's Prayer" as one of the songs).  The Friend only provides 4 people so I will be adding a few additional ones.  Place cards with these people & the scripture reference in a container to draw from.  Place large visuals of the "why he/she prayed" and "what happened" cards on the chalkboard.  I will be printing mine out on 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of paper.  Be sure to mix them up!  Choose a child to pick a card & read it out loud...the person and the scripture reference.  Have the rest of the children match the "who" and "what" that go with the person.  Sing a song for practice.

*I am going to add the following scriptural figures:
Alma - Prayed for help in teaching the Zoramites.  Asked Heavenly Father to comfort him and his companions and give them strength in their missionary work.  See chapter 31.
Ammon - See Alma 27:4-5, 10-12
King Mosiah - See Mosiah 28:6-7
The Primary Children - See Moroni 10:3-5


Rachel said...

When I saw this activity in the friend I was wanting to incorporate it into singing time too! I love that you use church material to make "games". I'd love to know which additional people you add. Also, are you using all songs relating to prayer or just reviewing program songs? Sometimes I'm torn between wanting to use songs that go along with the theme, but then am I spending too much time teaching songs that they don't need to know for the program? Anyways thanks for the ideas!!

Christie Lewis said...

Hi! I am going to add Alma (see story on page 42 of the Friend), Ammon (Alma 27:4-5, 10-12), King Mosiah (Mosiah 28:6-7), You/Them (Moroni 10:3-5). I am going to do program review songs since we are getting close to the program. But I am going to sing songs about prayer for both the opening & closing songs. I definitely do weeks around a theme...for example I did a whole week of just pioneer songs a couple Sundays ago. Or sometimes I will mix "theme" songs in with program songs. I think this makes it more fun for the kids & that way they don't get sick of singing the same songs week after week. Good luck!