Sunday, November 25, 2012

Gifts from the Savior

I have done this activity the past couple years & I LOVE it.  It invites the spirit & really emphasizes the true meaning of Christmas.  I typically like to do it the Sunday before Christmas.

1.  Gather various pictures that show "gifts" the Savior has given to us...I usually get mine from a Gospel Art Kit.  Objects can also be used.
2.  Wrap the pictures individually or place them in gift sacks & put them under a small Christmas tree.  If you don't want to take a tree to church, print off a picture of one & place it on the chalkboard.
3.  Have a child come up & open a gift.
4.  Show the picture to the rest of the children & ask if they know what the gift is.  Discuss the gift & bear testimony of it.
5.  Place the picture on the chalkboard (if using a picture of a Christmas tree, place the "gifts" underneath the tree).
6.  Sing a song that corresponds with the pictured gift.
7.  Close by showing a picture of the ultimate gift:  the atonement/crucifixion.  Discuss what a great blessing this is & bear testimony of it.  Encourage the children to remember the true meaning of Christmas...the birth & life of our Savior.  Sing "He Sent His Son" page 37.

Possible gifts/song include:
President Monson - We are blessed to have Latter-Day prophets to guide us.
Stand for the Right pg 159
Latter-Day prophets pg 134

Temple - Temples make it possible for us to be sealed to our families for all eternity.
I Love to see the Temple pg 95

Baptism - Jesus Christ set the example & was baptized just like each of us are/will be when we are 8.  When we are baptized, we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost who is always there to guide & comfort us.
Baptism pg 100
When I am Baptized pg 103
The Holy Ghost pg 105

Scriptures - We are blessed to have many tools to guide us & help us know how to return to our Heavenly Father & Savior.  The scriptures are one of them.
Scripture Power
Book of Mormon Stories pg 118

Prayer - We are not alone.  We can pray & ask for guidance/help any time.
A Child's Prayer pg 12

Families - We were given our parents & families to guide us here on earth.  If we live righteously, we will get to live with them for all eternity.
Families can be Together Forever pg 188

His Example - Jesus gave us a perfect example to follow.  If we live our lives like He did & always choose the right, we will receive the gift of living with Him for all eternity.
I'm Trying to be Like Jesus pg 78
Jesus Once was a Little Child pg 55

Church - We are blessed to be members of the church.  We get to come to church each week & learn about the Savior.  Our testimonies are strengthened when we do so.  We are taught exactly what to do to return to His presence.
I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ pg 77

Obviously there are MANY more blessings that can be added to this list.  The great thing about this activity is that it can be repeated year after year simply by adding different gifts.

Here is a clipart image for those of you who don't want to haul a tree to church!