Sunday, November 4, 2012

Pumpkin Pie

Who doesn't love pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving dinner?  I have used this visual in several different ways.  I made it years ago when I taught school & I no longer have the book I got it from.  Sorry!  But you could easily make one yourself.

Variation 1:
Place the empty pie container on the board.  Write songs/numbers on the pumpkin pie pieces & place them in a sack/container.  Have a child come up & pick a piece of pie.  Sing the song on the back.  Tape the pie piece to the container.

*You could also have each child say what their favorite thing to eat is at Thanksgiving dinner!

Variation 2:
This is fun to do as a game.  Divide the room into two teams & place two empty pie containers on the board.  Place all the pumpkin pie pieces in a sack/container. Formulate questions pertaining to topics taught during sharing time this year.  Tape a question on the back of the pie pieces.  Take turns having a child from each team draw a pie piece & answer the question.  If they answer correctly, they get to tape their pie piece to the container.  Sing a song that corresponds with the topic. The first team to have a whole pie WINS (or the team with the most full pie at the end of singing time).

Variation 3:
Write songs on the pie pieces.  Place a whole pie on the board.  Have a child come up & pick a piece of pie.  Sing the song on the back.