Sunday, July 6, 2014


As I am sure you know, this month's song is "Baptism".  Most of your kiddos should at least be familiar with it.  Last time it was a program song, this is how I introduced it & it worked really well.  This activity works well for reviewing the song also.

Place a picture of Christ being baptized on the chalkboard/bulletin board at the front of the room.  Dress up like a news reporter...I wore a trench coat, a sticker on my chest that said "Primary Singing Time News", and carried a microphone and/or notebook & pencil.  You could also have someone else with a video camera follow you around.

Enter the room and introduce yourself...for example, "This is Sister Lewis with Primary Singing Time News".  Next ask the children "who", "what", "where", "when", "why", and "how" questions in the order of the song and take notes of their answers.  For example, for the first line of the song, point to Jesus and John the Baptist and ask, "Who are these people?"  Then ask another child "where are they?" (in Judea).  "When is this happening?"  (Long ago).  Then play their answers back... "Okay, let me make sure I have this straight.  "Jesus came to John the Baptist in Judea long ago.  Is that right?"  Have the children sing the portion of the song you've just asked questions about.  Proceed in the same fashion with the rest of the song.

As I ask questions and get the children's answers, it works well to place pictures/visuals that correspond to each portion of the song on the board.  Then as I play their answers back and as they sing, I point to each picture.

Have fun with this one!  The kids love it.


Laura Henckel said...

this is super awesome. Even though we have already gone through the first verse, I totally can't wait to use this! Thanks so much!

Cris Brito said...

thanks, i am brasilian!