Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thanksgiving "Headbanz"

My kids LOVE the game "Headbanz".  This is a variation of a game seen here.  I tried it last year & it definitely worked the best with senior primary.

You will need:
-Headband (I used the one from my game but you can also make one out of paper & hold the feather on with a paperclip)
-Paper feathers with gospel topics/people written on them.

Have a child come up & put the headband on.  Put a feather on the headband without him/her seeing it. Next the child asks yes/no questions to try & figure out what the feather says.  For example, "Am I a person?", "Am I a Thing?", "Can you read me?" etc.  If this is too difficult, you can have the rest of the primary children give the child clues to help them figure out what is written on their feather.  For example, clues for the Holy Ghost could be "I help you choose the right", "You feel warm inside when I am talking to you", "I can comfort you when you are sad or afraid", etc.  Once the correct answer is given, sing a song that corresponds.