Sunday, January 6, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

January is upon us.  With that comes a new primary outline & new songs!!! I am so excited about the program songs for this year.  Your children should already know most of them which will give you the opportunity to sing/practice a lot of other songs.

January also brings COLD weather & single digit temperatures here in Utah.  Here are some ideas for the month:

Snowball Fight
Originally posted here.  This game is a definite crowd pleaser!

Build-a-Snowman Game

Place the snowman game board & two pieces of paper with the body of the snowman already drawn (one on each side of the game board) on the chalkboard.  I cannot remember the name of the book where I originally found my game board.  Sorry!!!  But you could easily make your own.  Another spin on this game would be to not use a game board...instead place all of the pieces of the snowman in a sack that the children draw from.  Rather than leaving the part out once it's chosen, put it back in the sack.

Divide the children into two teams.  Take turns having a child from each team come up & spin the spinner/roll the dice.  The child then moves their team's marker around the game board...I usually have the top left corner be the start point of the game (eyes).  I simply attach my markers to the board with masking tape.  Whatever spot they land on is the item they draw on their snowman.  The team that completes their snowman first WINS!

Alternate this game with singing.   I typically let each team have a turn & then sing a song.  Sometimes each team will land on a part they have already drawn.  When this happens, you can pick the song.  If they land on a new part, they can pick the song.


Simple & straightforward.  Place the parts of the snowman in a sack/container the children can draw from.  Each part of the snowman corresponds with a song you want to sing.  Place the parts on the chalkboard as they are chosen.

Once There Was a Snowman
This idea was originally seen here.  It was such a GREAT idea that I made one of my own.  The kids LOVE it...even the older boys!