Sunday, January 6, 2013

I am a Child of God

I am so glad this song is in the sharing time outline this year!  For me, this song is what primary is all about... teaching our children that they are loved & special because they have a Heavenly Father. EVERY child will know this song already.

I actually really like the idea provided in the outline for teaching this song.  Here is the Christie spin on it:

Place a picture representing Heavenly Father in the top right corner of the chalkboard.  Place footsteps that start from the bottom left of the the board & lead up to the picture.  Have a child come up to spin/roll dice & then move a marker along the footsteps (a picture of a child would work nicely as a marker).  Assign a question to each footstep.  For example:
1.  Who leads us?
2.  What does guide mean?
3.  Why would you want someone to walk beside you?
4.  What is something we have been given to help us return to Heavenly Father?
5.  What is something we must do to return to live with our Heavenly Father one day?
6.  How do you know God loves you?
7.  If Heavenly Father visited you, what would He call you?

Alternate with singing "I am a Child of God" & other songs that reinforce the topic. Close by bearing testimony that God knows each of us by name.  Discuss our relationship with Heavenly Father.  Testify of the blessings of having parents, teachers, leaders, prophets, scriptures, & the Holy Ghost to help us find our way back to Heavenly Father.

This activity could also be played as a game with two teams.

Other songs you can sing this month to reinforce each of the weekly topics are:
"I Know My Father Lives" pg 5
"I Lived in Heaven" pg 4
"I Will Follow God's Plan" pg 164
"Choose the Right Way" 160
"He Sent His Son" pg 37