Friday, January 11, 2013

Heavenly Father's Plan

Here are a few ideas for weeks 2 & 3, "Heavenly Father's plan is a plan of happiness."

1.  Wrap gifts containing songs you would like to sing.  Have a child come up & open a gift.  Sing the corresponding song.

2.  Continue teaching/reviewing verses 2 & 3 of "I am a Child of God."  Wrap gifts containing the lines/key-words to these verses.  For example: "And so my needs are great", "Help me to understand His words", "Before it grows to Late", "Rich blessings are in store", "If I but learn to do His will", and "I'll live with Him once more".  Number the gifts.  Have the children come up & open the gifts in order.  After each gift is opened, place the line/key-word on the board.  Discuss in detail what each line of the song means.  Answer any questions the children may have.  Next, sing that portion of the song.  Keep adding lines on until you have sung the entire verse.

3.  If you have already taught "I am a Child of God" in it's entirety, review the verses by playing a memory game. Print 8 of the following images.  Write the words to part of each line on the gift & the rest of the line on the bows.  For example:
"I am a Child of God..... And He has sent me here."
"Has given me an earthly home..... With parents kind and dear."
"I am a Child of God..... And so my needs are great."
"Help me to understand His words..... Before it grows to late."
"I am a Child of God..... Rich blessings are in store."
"If I but learn to do His will..... I'll live with Him once more."
"Lead me, guide me, walk beside me..... Help me find the way."
"Teach me all that I must do..... To live with Him someday."

Call a child up to try & make a match.  Intersperse game play with practicing the song.

Close whatever activity you choose by bearing testimony of Heavenly Father's plan. Explain that He has given each of us a gift...His plan.  It is one of happiness.  If we all make righteous choices & follow the Savior's example, we will be happy with our families & Heavenly Father & Jesus in the Celestial Kingdom.

Other Songs to sing as either opening & closing songs or during singing time include:
"If You're Happy & You Know It"
"I Lived in Heaven"
"I Will Follow God's Plan"
"I Know my Father Lives"
"He Sent His Son"
"Families Can be Together Forever"