Monday, August 27, 2012


It's that time of year again...College football season!  This is HUGE at our house.

This game is super simple & can be used to review any songs you'd like.  It's always a hit...especially with senior primary.  Simply print off several copies of the following image & cut into small cards:

Then write numbers on the back of the cards to represent points scored during a football game: 

1- Extra Point
2- 2 point Conversion
3- Field Goal
6- Touch Down

Place the cards in a sack to draw from (you don't want the kids to be able to see the points on the back).  Divide the children into 2 teams (I usually just do the 2 sides of the room).  Take turns having a child from the each team come up & draw a football.  Whatever card they draw is how many points their team scored.  Sing the song you want to practice following each "play".  

*It's fun to pass a small football around each side of the room while the pianist plays (hot potato) to determine who gets to come up.  

*You can also have a coin toss to see which team gets to start the game.

Have fun! GO UTES!!!


Candy said...

so fun! I like this idea...a good way to review. Since that's all we'll be doing from now til the program. :)

Thanks for your cute blog. I'm in Portland, OR and the sr primary chorister for about 60 kids!

Go Cougs! :)