Monday, August 20, 2012

Zoo Hats

Do you ever feel like you are putting on a three-ringed circus?  I know that there are weeks when I definitely feel like this. When this occurs, I stop what I am doing & pull out my zoo hats.  These hats were purchased at Michael's a few years back, but I have seen them there again recently.

I use my animal cards that I found here.  You could also just make up your own; for example, slither like a snake (sway your body) or swim like a shark (use hands to make a fin).  Use your imagination!

Simply call a child up & have them choose a card.  Put the hat on their head that corresponds to the card & follow the directions while you sing "Do As I am Doing".  SO FUN!!!  Even the older boys & girls love this...although I am sure you'll never get them to admit it!


Unknown said...

You say you found these at a Michaels craft store? I know its 2016 but i realllyy want a snake one for halloween lol