Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm Trying to be Like Jesus

This month's song is "I'm Trying to be Like Jesus".  The children in my ward already know this song so rather than spend the whole time teaching it, I will be incorporating it in a choosing time.

Make or print off several "footsteps".  I got mine here.   Write song titles for practice on the back of each footstep.  Next, prepare "directions" (boys only, girls only, hum, teachers only, leave out a word, children wearing black/blue etc).  I will be using visuals I found in this book.  These can also be slips of paper with directions written on them.  Place footsteps & directions in two separate containers for the children to draw from.  Sing the chosen song according to the direction selected.

Another idea is to place the directions for singing in a "singing cube" instead of drawing them from a container.  I made this awhile back and the children LOVE rolling it.  I have used it in countless different ways.

Begin this activity with a discussion of how we can try to be like the Savior & where we can find directions of how to do so.  Close by bearing your testimony of the blessings we will receive if we strive to follow Jesus' example.