Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcoming Visitors & New Children

It's always fun to sing to new children &/or visitors!  Make them feel welcome by having them come to the front of the room to be introduced & sung to.

1. Flags
Have one of the new children/visitors select a flag.  Sing the "Hello Song" & replace the word "hello" with the way you say "hello" in that country.  Flags can be purchased inexpensively at Zurchers or Utah Idaho Supply.  Here are some fun ways to say "hello" from around the world:

Israel - Shalom
Great Britain - Cheerio
Italy - Ciao
France - Bonjour
Mexico - Hola
China - Ni Hao
Germany - Guten Tag
Japan - Konnichiwa
Austraila - G'day Mate
Argentina - Buen dia
Greece - Geia sou
India - Namaste
Kenya - Jambo
Netherlands - Hallo
Russia - Privet
Ireland - Dia dhuit
United States - What's up, Aloha (Hawaii), Yo

2. Sing "The Church of Jesus Christ" - Explain to the children that the church is the same no matter where we go.

3. Sing "Here We are Together" - This only works if there are multiple visitors &/or newbies.