Sunday, August 12, 2012

Say What???

This game is a variation of the board game "Mad Gab" & is a fun way to review program songs.  The original idea was found here.  "Say What?" was published in the Friend Magazine originally in July 2010  & then again January & July of 2011.

The nonsense phrases from the January 2011 issue reinforce this month's theme nicely...all are ways we can fill our lives with things that invite the spirit.  Print off the sayings & glue them to the back of footprints.  Place the footprints in a bag or container that the children can draw from.  Put a picture of the Savior on the upper corner of the chalkboard.  Have a child draw a footprint & say the phrases out loud...It works best if they say each word one time slowly & then connected as fast as they can.  Have the rest of the children try to figure out what is being said.  Lastly, place the footprint(s) on the chalkboard "walking" toward the Savior.  Sing a program song that corresponds with each nonsense phrase.

Close by bearing testimony that Heavenly Father & the Savior have made it easy for us to return to live with them.  If we follow Jesus' "footsteps" & fill our lives with those things that invite the spirit, we will be greatly blessed.  Explain that if they are ever doing something that they feel ugly inside about, they should stop doing it...that is the spirit telling them it is wrong.

The children love the craziness of this activity.  I have even made up my own before to target specific songs for practice.  Have fun!!!